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Terms of Use

Release Notes: Public API 2.104.0

  1. Certificate Actions added to Chargepoint resource: AMPECO Public API is now capable of managing Security Certificate actions for Chargepoints
    Install Certificate (https://{{baseUrl}}/public-api/actions/charge-point/v2.0/{chargePoint}/install-certificate)

    Get Installed Certificates (https://{{baseUrl}}/public-api/actions/charge-point/v2.0/{chargePoint}/sync-certificates)

    Delete Certificate (https://{{baseUrl}}/public-api/actions/charge-point/v2.0/{chargePoint}/delete-certificate)
  2. New Authorisation Notification Webhook:
    1. Deprecate "AuthorizationNotification" callback
    2. Introduce "authorization.changed" callback

The goal of notification deprecation and introduction of the brand new resource is expanding the scope of reported events, whereas any authorisations from directly integrated Charging Stations, Payment Terminals and Real-time roaming sessions will result in a callback.

  1. Distinct Credit CDRs:

    A new property is added to the resource / CDR endpoint, which indicates whether a CDR is a credit issue or debit.
  2. Extend CDR object with Roaming protocol Data
    1. Added the version property to ocpiData object:

  1. Enhanced externalId property behaviour in V1 and V2 of the Chargepoint endpoint
    1. You can edit a previously existing externalId of a Charge Point through the V1 Public API.
    2. You can remove the externalId of a Charge Point by passing null through the edit endpoint (in both V1 and V2 APIs).
  2. Enhanced user resource behaviour: first and last name are not required in order to issue a PATCH request
    1. User API PATCH command will go through regardless of the user profile fields.
  3. Expand method support for connector resource under chargepoints / EVSEs resource
    1. Added to resource/chargepoint/evses/connectors all CRUD options:
      • type
        string, required
        Enum: "type1" "type2" "type3" "chademo" "ccs1" "ccs2" "catarc" "schuko" "navc" "cee16" "cee32" "j1772" "inductive" "nema-5-20" "type-e-french" "type-g-british" "type-j-swiss" "avcon"
      • format
        Enum: "socket" "cable"
      • status
        Enum: "enabled" "disabled"
        LISTING and READ
      • id
        integer, required