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Terms of Use

Release Notes: Public API 2.110.0

  1. Session start response codes - implement enums
    Endpoints affected:
    • https://{{baseUrl}}/public-api/actions/charge-point/v1.0/{{chargePoint}}/start/{{evse}}
    • https://{{baseUrl}}/public-api/actions/evse/v1.0/{{evse}}/start
  • errorCode (string)
    • BILLING_NOT_ASSOCIATED- The selected corporate billing is not associated with the user
    • BILLING_NOT_PARTNER_ASSOCIATED - The selected corporate billing is allowed on EVSEs that are not associated with the partner
    • INTERNAL_ISSUE - Internal issue
    • SESSION_EXISTS - Session already exists
    • AGILE_STREETS_CALCULATE - Agile Streets calculation issue
    • AGILE_STREETS_COMMUNICATION - Could not connect with Agile Streets
    • CHARGING_NOT_ALLOWED - The tariff does not allow to charge on this evse
    • LOCATION_IS_CLOSED - Charge point's location is closed
    • USER_VALIDATION_NOT_COMPLETE - Either your email or phone is not verified or your profile is not completed
    • USER_IS_DISABLED - Your account is disabled
    • SUBSCRIPTION_REQUIRED - You do not have an active subscription for this charging point
    • SESSION_ALREADY_RUNNING - Having another running session is not allowed
    • PREVIOUS_SESSION_NOT_PAID - Cannot start new session before paying the previous one
    • ACCESS_RESTRICTED - You do not have access to this charge point
    • PAYMENT_METHOD_REQUIRED - Cannot start a session without a payment method
    • CANNOT_BILL_PAYMENT_METHOD - The payment method either is invalid or the partner does not allow billing
    • CORPORATE_ACCOUNT_LIMIT_REACHED - Coorporative billing is not allowed, coorporative billing is not set up, coorporative billing limit is reached or your payment method has not enough funds.
    • CANNOT_USE_EXPIRED_PAYMENT_METHOD - The payment method has expired
    • CANNOT_USE_PAYMENT_METHOD - Payment method is not allowed or your subscription is cancelled
    • PAYMENT_NO_FUNDS - The current balance is bellow needed minimum amount
  1. randomisedDelay value exposed under ressource / session endpoint
    • Available both under Listing and Read requests
      • "randomisedDelay": 0
  2. Expose Security Log Events as response payload
      string[50] enum: FirmwareUpdated, SettingSystemTime, StartupOfTheDevice, ResetOrReboot, SecurityLogWasCleared, MemoryExhaustion, TamperDetectionActivated.
      Description: Type of critical security events that are pushed from the Charge Point to the backend.
      Description: Time of day on which the event has occurred.
      Description: Additional information about the security event.