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Terms of Use

Release Notes: Public API 2.116.0

  1. Add field receiptId to Sessions / Listing resource [GET]
    1. receiptId
      Description: ID of the receipt that is issued for the charging session.
  2. Utilities resource created and exposed via Public API
    The Utility resource will serve the purpose of categorising Charging Stations per "Utility Provider" entity, furthering the current split "per country" and "per state" for reporting purposes.
    1. resource / utilities
      Supported Methods: GET, POST, PUT, DELETE
      1. id
        integer, required
      2. name
        string, required
      3. createdAt
        string, date-time, required
        Description: ISO 8601 formatted date
  3. Expose Optimised Dynamic Pricing tariff in public API
    1. Properties:
      1. thresholdPriceForEnergy - number, decimal
      2. priceForEnergyWhenOptimized - number, decimal
      3. pricePerKwh - number, decimal
      4. minPrice - number, decimal
      5. connectionFee - number, decimal
      6. taxID - number
      7. preAuthorizeAmount - number, decimal
  4. Postal Code is optional for country Israel (IL)