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Terms of Use

Release Notes: Public API 2.121.0

  1. Notifications:
    1. Create a new webhook when CDR Received, Notifications / Subscribe
    2. Add user id and email to the payload of the partnerInvite.changed notification, Notifications / Subscribe
    3. Add meterStart and meterStop to the payload of the SessionStartStopNotification notification, Notifications / Subscribe
  2. Circuits:
    1. Add support for electricity meters to circuits, Circuits / Create
    2. Add user priorities for using a circuit, Circuits / User Priorities / Create
  3. Add possibility to start a session without EVSE ID, Actions / Start Charging Session Without EVSE
  4. Rename applyToUsersOfChargePointOwner to applyToUsersOfChargePointPartner in restrictions of a tariff, Tariffs / Create
  5. Add EVSE status to the roaming object, Charge Point / EVSEs / Listing