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To ensure the utmost security when accessing our API, we employ Bearer Token-based authorization. Below, we present two straightforward methods for acquiring your API Bearer Token:

  1. Request token through your Customer Success Manager

    If you're already a client with an assigned Customer Success Manager (CSM), contact them to request your API Bearer Token. Your dedicated CSM will provide you with guidance throughout the process.

  2. Manual Token Generation from the Back-Office

    Clients also have the option to manually generate their API Bearer Token directly from our back-office system. Here's how:

    • Navigate to the API Access Tokens menu within your account.
    • Click the Create API Access Token button to initiate the token creation process.

    "API Access Tokens" menu

    • Fill in the requested details, including a name for the token, and select a role restricting API access.
    • Optionally, you can whitelist specific server IPs from which API requests will originate or assign a partner to limit access to partner-specific resources only.

    Create API access token

Once you've successfully acquired your Bearer Token using either method, follow the sample curl request below to access our API:

# Replace "YOUR_API_BEARER_TOKEN" with your actual Bearer Token
API_ENDPOINT="https://api.example.com"  # Replace with your API endpoint

# Sample `curl` request with Bearer Token for API access
curl -H "Authorization: Bearer ${BEARER_TOKEN}" ${API_ENDPOINT}/your-api-endpoint

Substitute "YOUR_API_BEARER_TOKEN" with the unique Bearer Token issued to you, and replace "https://api.example.com/your-api-endpoint" with the specific API endpoint you intend to access. Executing this curl command will allow you to make authenticated requests to our API, ensuring a seamless integration experience.

For any further inquiries or assistance regarding API integration, please don't hesitate to contact your Customer Success Manager or our dedicated support team.