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Terms of Use

Create a New Circuit

Create a new circuit with specific attributes - number of phases, max current, charge points details.

When it comes to creating a new circuit the process begins when a user, initiates the creation of a new electrical circuit via the Custom App. The Custom Backend returns a prompt to the app, asking the user to provide several mandatory attributes for the circuit including name, number of phases required, max current and specific charge point details - ID, maximum current, phases, input voltage and phase rotation.

Then the app submits the user’s input to the Backend, which composes a POST request for the /resources/circuits/v1.0 endpoint. It structures the request in JSON with received user inputs: {"name":"...","phases":"1/2/3","maxCurrent":"...","chargePoints":[{"..."}]}

The Public API processes this request and responds with a RESULT object with details of the created circuit. A typical response is in this form: {"data": {"id": 0,"name": "string","phases": "1","maxCurrent": 0,"minChargePointCurrent": 0,"setSessionLimitToZeroOnIdle": true,"chargePoints": [],"lastUpdatedAt": "2019-08-24T14:15:22Z"}}

Receiving this confirmation the backend notifies the app to display a message: Circuit Resource {name} created successfully.