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Models relationship

Models relationship

The models' relationship is a high-level diagram showing how different models are linked. These models mirror the existing logic of the AMPECO Platform. Below, you can find a couple of examples:

User <> User Groups

Multiple Users can represent a User Group: a batch of user resources where shared business logic can be applied all at once: tariff, subscription plan, partner affiliation.

A user could be associated with multiple User Groups at the same time related to:

  • access/permissions to specific Locations
  • special pricing rules
  • system tag for reporting or to be used in external flows

Partner <> Partner Contract

For each Partner, the Operator could have multiple contracts to establish site-specific attributes:

  • Revenue-sharing rules
  • Maintenance/operational costs of the Operator
  • Access and permissions outsourced to the Partner

Location <> Charging Zone <> Charge point <> EVSE <> Connector

Relation between Location, Charging Zone, Charge point, EVSE and Connector

Tariff <> Session

To ensure compliance and traceability of end-user billing, there is a link between the Tariff and the Session in the form of a snapshot capturing the exact tariff parameters at the moment of session start.

Session <> Transaction

While the Session object contains all events related to the process of an EV charging (initiation, authorization, energy consumption/transmission, billable periods, process conclusion), the Transaction summarizes the payment aspects (Amount, Reference ID, Payment Status, etc.) that are used for end-customer Payment processing.