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Terms of Use

Save EV MAC Address For Autocharge With User Consent

Saving an EV MAC Address to Enable Autocharge

When an EV driver plugs their vehicle into a charge point, the CPMS receives an authorization message with the MAC Address. Since this MAC Address is unfamiliar, the CPMS rejects the authorization, treating it as an UNKNOWN ID.

After this rejection, the driver can initiate a session using a mobile application (for EV charging) or an RFID within 60 seconds. This causes the CPMS to store and associate the MAC Address with the user's account while setting its status as SUSPENDED.

A webhook, AuthorizationNotification, is transmitted, bearing the Rejected Status and the ID Tag in the format VID:{{MAC Address}}. Webhooks serve as communication points, carrying data that informs the Custom Backend about ongoing processes.

Based on this information, the Custom App seeks the user’s consent to enable the Autocharge feature. If the user agrees, an API update request is triggered by the Custom Backend, changing the ID Tag status to ENABLED, which ultimately activates the Autocharge feature.

A success confirmation is then displayed to the user in the Custom App. Conversely, if the user declines the Autocharge feature activation, the ID Tag retains its SUSPENDED status and Autocharge remains inactive.