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Terms of Use

Stop a Charging Session

EV driver stops a charging session via the mobile app and sees a recap of charging data.

As a charging session progresses, a user might decide to halt it. When they opt to Stop charging via the app, the custom backend transmits a POST request to the Public API at the /actions/charge-point/v1.0/{chargePoint}/stop/{sessionId} endpoint to end the current session. The Public API sends back a confirmation:

RESULT: {"message":"..."}

The app then transitions to a finishing screen, preparing to display the end-of-session metrics. In tandem, the backend receives a SessionUpdateNotification via a webhook. This update marks the session's status as finished and reaffirms the unique sessionId.

Seeking detailed final session metrics, the custom backend sends a GET request to the/resources/sessions/v1.0/{sessionId} on the Public API. In return, the API presents a comprehensive report showing energy used during the session, state of charge percentage (socPercent), the total amount charged, payment status marked as paid, detailed charging periods, a breakdown of the pricing, and a snapshot of the tariff applied.

RESULT: {...,"energy":X,"socPercent":X,"amount":X,"paymentStatus":"paid","chargingPeriods":{...},"priceBreakdown":{...},"tariffSnapshotId":X,...}

The custom backend forwards the summarized session data to the custom app. The app then displays the Final Session Details to the user as an overview of the concluded charging session.