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Terms of Use

Select a Charge Point Connector on a Map in the Driver App

EV Driver locates and selects a charge point connector on a map in the mobile app.

When a user wants to select a charge point connector on a map in the Driver App, the system goes through a series of steps to retrieve the required data. The custom backend starts by sending a GET request to the Public API at /resources/locations/v1.0, receiving back charge point location details such as name, availability status, and geolocation.

After recording these locations, the backend sends another GET request, this time to /resources/charge-points/v1.0. The Public API responds with a result, providing a list of charge points, detailing attributes like associated locationId, status set to active, an access type of public and both the network and hardware statuses are marked available, along with specific information about Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE):

RESULT: {...,"locationId":X,"evses":{...},"status":"active","accessType":"public","networkStatus":"available","hardwareStatus":"available",...}

With these charge point details securely saved, the Driver App requests both the saved locations and charge points from the custom backend. Presented with this info, the user selects their desired charge point and the specific connector (EVSE) from the map.