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Save EV MAC Address for Autocharge

Save EV MAC Address Without Manual Entry for Autocharge Purposes

To save an EV MAC Address, an EV driver needs to plug their vehicle into a charge point, initiating an authorization message containing the EV MAC address to be sent to the CPMS.

Upon receiving it, the CPMS stores it in its database but rejects the authorization because the EV’s ID is still unknown. Consequently, the EV driver must authorize the session by tapping an RFID card or starting a session through an app.

Suppose the CPMS receives a second authorization message from the charge point within 60 seconds of the first one, and it is now associated with an identified user (thanks to the RFID or app authentication). In that case, the system then links the stored MAC address with the specified user’s information.

From this point onwards, the CPMS can utilize the MAC address for user authorization, enabling a more streamlined charging process where users can start right when they plug in their EV without needing any further authentication such as RFID or app-based authorization.